Brian Brijbag

Healthcare Law & Compliance

Compassionate. Knowledgeable. Driven.

Brian Brijbag, based in Tampa, Florida, is the Director of Healthcare Compliance at Corin USA, an attorney, and a healthcare compliance expert with over two decades of experience within the industry. Brian specializes in analyzing health policy and regulatory environments, integrating system planning and tools for performance and quality improvement, assessing organizational performance, and managing improvements upon organizational design and culture, among others. 

Brian began working in the healthcare industry in 1999, performing IT work in doctor’s offices. In time, he was promoted to Chief Information Officer of a mid-sized, multi-disciplinary, multi-site medical organization and shortly moved to the administration side of the industry. In 2003, he was able to raise venture capital and opened a string of clinics across Central Florida, which he later sold in 2007 when he pursued additional education. Interested in culture, Brian Brijbag began attending the University of Southern Florida and in 2012 graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Applied Anthropology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies. 

Following his undergraduate education, Brian dove into and completed a dual Master’s program in Applied Anthropology and Public Health. He originally intended to focus his research on the Amazon as he had spent time there during his time in undergrad. However, with his background in the healthcare industry, he soon became interested in health disparities and environmental racism. His thesis, which perfectly combined his anthropological education with his knowledge of healthcare, studied the environmental risk assessments and issues of disparities related to race and class in a small Florida community.

After obtaining both of his Master’s degrees, Brian Brijbag accepted the role of Healthcare Administrator for Accurate Chiropractic Clinic in Brooksville, Florida. Towards the end of his time at the clinic, Brian began attending Western Michigan University’s Law T.M. Cooley School at the Tampa Campus. In 2019, he graduated with his Juris Doctorate where he served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Practical Law and, most recently, in April 2020, passed the Florida State BAR Exam. 

Brian Brijbag has always loved helping others, and his desire to do so led him to the law and healthcare. Throughout his entire career, he has been on the ground level, rolling his sleeves up and diving in to help people figure out a problem they are facing. Being a lawyer in the healthcare industry will help him blend his two passions and further his ability to aid in the lives of others. 

To learn more about Brian and his insight into healthcare compliance and law, be sure to check out his blog!